Exhibition in Matera by Salvador Dali

Exhibition in Matera by Salvador Dali

The exhibition of Salvador Dali Matera 2019, entitled The Persistence of the Opposites, began last December 2 between the streets of the city elected as the capital of European culture. The performance of the works of the famous Spanish artist will end on November 30, 2019 . Over 200 works will remain visible to the public until November next year at the churches of Madonna della Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci. Instead, there are three statues created by the Iberian creative genius protagonists of the evocative exhibition set up among the famous stones of Matera: the choice fell on the works Elefante spaziale, Dance in Time, Surrealist Plan. Until November 30th , the exhibition will also host an exhibition itinerary that will allow visitors to experience a totalizing experience , including 3D projections, virtual reality and holograms.

Ticket prices and opening and closing hours of the Salvador Dalì Matera 2019 exhibition

To access the exhibition path of the Salvador Dalì Matera 2019 exhibition, you must pay a ticket of 12 euros . A special reduction is foreseen for the residents of the Basilicata region, who can buy the ticket at a discounted rate (8 euros). Those who choose to visit the exhibition together with a group of people (group), the ticket price for each is 6 euros. The exhibition can be visited every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm

Why stay in Bari instead of Matera

On the occasion of the Salvador Dalì Matera 2019 exhibition, it is preferable to stay in Bari instead of Matera a. In fact, the advantages that the city of Puglia offers are manifold. First of all, the direct connection with the Bari-Palese airport , known as Karol Wojtyła Airport. Secondly, for those who choose the plane as their means of transport, Bari is necessarily passing through the journey from the airport of Puglia to Matera . It should also be noted that the two cities are separated by about 50 km, distance that can be traveled in about 40 minutes thanks to the new highway. Finally, you can take advantage of a stay in Bari to visit the main tourist attractions of the city , including the Basilica of San Nicola, the Norman-Swabian Castle, as well as the picturesque promenade along the Lungomare Nazario Sauro.

Which is the best solution for a family or a group traveling?

To better visit the city of Bari and make the most of a perfect stay for the Salvador Dalì Matera 2019 exhibition, our apartments represent the ideal solution for families and young couples . Our apartments are located in the city center, just a few minutes walk from the central train and bus stations. Guests can therefore easily visit the center of Bari on foot and easily reach the train and bus stations to get to Matera or return to the airport for the return journey.

How to get to Matera from Bari city center

Matera is easily accessible from the city center of Bari by train, car and bus. Following the instructions on how to get to Matera starting from the city center of the capital of Puglia.


The Ferrovie Appulo Lucane company manages the Bari-Matera connections by train. On weekdays there are 10 trips a day, the first at 12.36 and the last at 22.26 . The average travel time of the section is estimated in just under 2 hours. The following stops are made: Bari Scalo, Bari Policlinico, Modugno, Palo del Colle, Binetto, Grumo Appula, Toritto, Mellitto, Altamura, Matera Villa Longo, Matera Centrale. A one-way ticket (simple travel) has a price of 5.00 euros .


Now that the new highway (SS96) is reality, the most convenient means of transport to reach Matera from the center of Bari is the car. The travel time is estimated in a maximum time of 40 minutes , traffic conditions permitting. Near the city of Altamura, take the junction for Altamura / Matera, continuing on the State Road 99 for about 15 km, until the exit for Matera.


The Ferrovie Appulo Lucane company connects Bari with Matera also by bus. On weekdays the number of daily trips is 2. The hours are as follows: 17.05 and 19.05. The departure from Bari is scheduled from Via R. Bovio (house number 20), the arrival instead at the central station of Matera. The time taken by the bus to get to the destination is one hour and 45 minutes. As for the cost of the ticket, a single (one way) has the price of 5 euros.

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